Top 10 Laboratory Microscope Suppliers In India

List of TOP 10 Microscope Suppliers in India

Top Laboratory Microscope Suppliers in India

These companies are based on a strong foundation of value, commitment, the durability of the products, and trust among the customers that make them the first choice of the most renowned customers.

Till the recent past, India was known only as a potential manufacturing hub for scientific equipment. However, over the last decade, microscope suppliers in India have reshaped themselves into a global R&D hub. Microscope manufacturers and suppliers are expanding at a fast rate due to the increasing focus on monitoring the environment and rising demand from the industrial sector.

We will take a glance at the topmost Laboratory Microscope Suppliers in India that are who have been playing an essential role in technological development.

1.Radical Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd

Radical is one of the leading Manufacturers & Exporters of Microscopes. With a great deal of experience and innovation in the industry, RADICAL has the widest line of microscope products in India which has allowed the company to establish itself as a market leader. One of the greatest strengths of the organization lies in its technological innovation and creativity. RADICAL has become the preferred supplier for educational, research defense and life sciences, automotive industries, PSU, etc. over the 44 years. This has allowed RADICAL to continue changing with time thereby producing products that meet the needs of the consumer.

2.Micron Instruments Industries

Located in Ambala India (Haryana), micro microscope, an ISO 9001 certified company established in 1966. Its parent company “Mikron” has grown to become a leader in global design. Under the brand name “Micron Optik” this company has worked closely with the scientific, medical, and industrial communities which have contributed to its innovated culture allowing the company to set new standards in the industry.

3.Quasmo Indian microscope


Founding in the year 1961, leading suppliers in India has made a mark in the scientific community by contributing the scientific events in technology. Headquarter in Ambala Haryana, India this company has been working on a new line of microscopes aimed at revolutionizing the industry. This company comes in the list of top 10 microscope suppliers in India. Their product categories comprise the biological microscope, Metallurgical microscope, polarizing microscope, Fluorescence microscope Industrial microscope, Industrial microscope, Stereo zoom microscope, Digital microscope, Surgical Microscope, etc.

4.Nilpa Consultancy

Established in 2000, Nilpa Consultancy is a reputable firm indulged in Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter, Distributor, and Trader of Education Microscope, Laboratory Microscope, Research Microscope, etc. Their microscope range includes of Med Prax3 microscope, H 600 Wilo- Brau Research microscope, and HUND 600 WILO PRAX ACHRO microscope. The company has ample proficiency, support, proficient operatives, and workers to carry out all the activities regarding the business, efficiently and competently beneath focused management and system.

5.Shah & Company

Incorporated in 1941, headquartered in Mumbai has 7 sales & service offices all over India. The company is at the forefront in supplying the latest Scientific & Analytical Equipment to the customers in Research organizations, institutes &industries. Their offered products range is Suction units, Lab plastic, Histopathology, Microscope, Centrifuges, etc. With an experience of 80 years, the firm is consistently leading in areas of marketing and servicing of high technology analytical and laboratory instruments.

6.HL scientific Industries

HL. Scientific Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified industries established in 1963, Ambala Haryana India. Having 55 years of experience, the company offers a wide range of Microscopes. This Scientific firm has ample proficiency, support, proficient operatives, and workers to carry out all the activities regarding the business, efficiently and effectively beneath focused management and system. The comprehensive microscope range consists of Compound Student Microscope HL-22, Dissecting Microscope, Medical Microscope, Travelling Microscope etc.

7. Tirupati Scientific & Chemical Co

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Being a trusted Microscope Dealer In Mumbai, Tirupati Scientific & Chemical Co was incorporated in the year 2004, is the leading manufacturer & supplier of all types of Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Instruments, Chemicals, Glassware, etc. used in Schools, Colleges, Hospitals & Industries. The company makes use of the highest quality raw materials & state-of-the-art technology tool in the manufacturing unit of these products. Their comprehensive microscope product range includes a compound microscope, pathological microscope, research microscope, projection microscope, etc.

8.Labsol Enterprises

Backed by extensive industry experience, Advance Scientific Equipment Pvt. is consistently leading in the field of marketing and servicing of high technology laboratory instruments. This company is established in 2005, headquartered in Gurgaon Haryana. This well-renowned laboratory equipments manufacturer is well recognized as one of India’s leading Manufacturers, Exporters, Traders, and Suppliers of the coaxial microscope, monocular microscope, binocular microscope, metallurgical microscope, biological microscope, and stereo zoom microscope.

9.ALMICRO scientific and lab equipment

Founded in the year 1978, ALMICRO scientific and lab equipment headquartered at Ambala Haryana India. The Company begins with Manufacturing and Supplying a wide range of products and has grown into one of India’s leading manufacturers of all kinds of Microscopes like Centrifuge Machine, Metallography Instruments, Polarimeters, Spectrometers, Microtomes & Knife Sharpner. Their 45 years’ experience has helped them in achieving a reliable position in the industry as the export house.

10.Vision Micro Systems

Vision Micro Systems an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company established in 1995 with a focus on Analytical Instruments and related Analytical Techniques. Headquartered in Kolkata, this organization delivers a wide range of the latest state of the art advanced analytical equipment from all over the world. Range of Scientific Instruments specially Microscopes, Student Microscopes, Metallurgical Microscopes, Polarizing Microscopes,  Lab instruments, Digital weighing balance, Biotechnology lab instruments.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful to finding the best Microscope supplier in India. These all companies provide high-quality Microscope, systems and solutions to improve quality of life by contributing to the development of the Indian Industry and the scientific community.