ULTRACAM Series C-mount USB 3.0 CMOS Camera


– Standard C-Mount camera with Aptina CMOS sensor;

– With hardware resolution among 3.0M to 18M;

– Integrated zinc aluminum alloy housing;

– USB3.0 5Gbps interface ensuring high speed data transmission;

– Ultra-Fine color engine with perfect color reproduction capability;

– With advanced video & image processing application Toup View

– Windows/Linux/macOS/Android multiple platform SDK


  • Technical Specification:

    Order Code: UC10

    Sensor & Size(mm): 10M/IMX577©, with a size of 1/2.3“ (5.68×4.26)

    Pixel(μm): Each pixel measures 1.55×1.55 micrometers

    G Sensitivity Dark Signal:: 250mv with 1/30s 0.25mv with 1/30s


    ·         8.5 frames per second at 3664×2748 resolution

    ·         49 frames per second at 1832×1374 resolution

    ·         137 frames per second at 912×686 resolution

    Binning: Supports binning at 1×1, 2×2, and 4×4

    Exposure: Exposure time ranges from 0.2 ms to 2000 sec.

         Image format: BMP, JPEG, RAW, TIFF, AVI