Viewing Head: Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined at 30°, 360° Rotatable,

Eyepiece : Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10x/ 20

Objective: Infinite Plan Achromatic Objective

Stage: Double Layers Mechanical Stage




Decahead Microscope: Ergonomic system microscope frame with built-in LED illumination (60,000 hrs) light transmission system. Upright Trinocular compound research microscope for bright field upgradable to Fluorescence, Dark Field, DIC


Optical System: High Contrast infinity corrected optical System. All optics are anti-fungal and anti-reflection Coated.



Observation Head: Trinocular three way distribution Compensation free ergonomic variable adjustable trinocular headwith variable viewing angle 30° rotatable through 360° with Interpupillary distance of 50-75mm and Dioptric adjustment on both sides. Anti Fungas Treated. Beam splitting ratio binocular: trinocular=100:0/20:80/0:100. Sub heads:30° inclined, binocular viewing heads, interpupillary distance- 54-75mm. 9 Nos


Nose-piece: quintuple color coded Nosepiece. reversed five position revolving nosepiece to accommodate five objectives at a time with a slot for Analyser and DIC.


Eyepieces: Wide Field 10x eye-piece with 22mm F.O.V with eye guards (10 Pairs)


Mechanical Stage: Ceramic-coated coaxial Stage with stage lock & size185 142mm, Moving Range 75 55mm stage with double slide holder and option for both right hand and left hand operation. Vertical stage movement 1-2 micron per fine stroke. Stage rotation of 200 degrees with Stage Lock.


Pointer: LED illuminated arrow pointer (red and green) with Intensity controller.




Plan 2.5x

Plan 4x/N.A 0.12, (W.D. 13.70)

Plan 10x/N.A 0.25; (W.D.11.13)

Plan 20x/N.A 0.40(W.D. 1.20)

Plan 40x/N.A 0.65(W.D. 0.40)(Spring)

Plan 100x/N.A 1.25(W.D. 0.18) (Spring/Oil)

All the objectives (except 2.5x) have F.OV. of 22mm and suitable for Bright field,Phase contrast, Dark field and fluorescence observation


Condenser: Achromat aplanatic Condenser, N.A. 0.90/1.25 Swing out condenser for 2x-100x diaphragm with Frosted white filter, antifungal & antireflection coated. Suitable for low to high magnification.


Focusing Control: 2 step Focus function drive coarse and fine focusing, focus torque adjustment and adjustable focus stop, with focus knobs coarse 0.2mm/rotation with tension control ring. Ergonomically designed for easy grip, esp. for tension control. torque and height adjustment of focusing Knobs. vertical stage movement 25mm per coarse stroke.


Illumination: High luminescent White LED illuminator (Eco-illumination) having intensity of 15 Watts with life of 100,000 hours. Built in Fly Eye lens for uniform illumination. two illuminatosr of same specifications is provided in spare. 110V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz.


Penta Head attachment: Multiple Viewing System for 9 stations, LED pointer with power supply, power cord, support legs, and leg extension, (polarizer and analyser and DIC Slot 100x oil spare fuse, spare LED, Cleaning brush and manual and all the additional attachments Sub heads:30° inclined, binocular viewing heads, interpupillary distance- 54-75mm. 9 Nos