Magnification: 100x-1000x for visual observation.

Eyepieces: WF 10x (F.O.V. 20mm) & Centering telescopic eye-piece.

Objectives: QUPPH Series Phase Plan / Achromat

Illumination:  3W LED lighting system with brightness controller.




QUASMO’s QPS-1020 with digital PID Bio-Thermal hot plate is one of the best microscope for viewing transparent or translucent specimens without a loss of resolution. This technique has proven to be a valuable tool for medical researchers in the study of living cells, cultures and many applications . The PROPORTIONAL -INTEGRAL- DERIVATIVE CONTROLLER (PID controller) is a generic control loop feedback mechanism(controller) which is widely used in medical control systems. This device is mainly used in Animal husbandry, various governmental & private Semen banks. This device is used to retain the plate at a proper temperature to check the live semen’s under the phase contrast light.

SPECIFICATIONS of Binocular Pathological Research Microscope: