PZQ-106d Trinocular Microscope With Universal Condenser and FL (Upgradable)


Optical System: SEMI-Apochromatic Color  Corrected Infinity Optical System Anti-fungal, Antireflection.





Stand: Ergonomic design microscope body. Trinocular Microscope anti-fungus anti reflection coated
Optical System: Semi-Apochromatic Color  Corrected Infinity Optical System Anti-fungal, Antireflection.
High Contrast semi apochromatically corrected FL grade series antifungal & antireflection Coated compatible for Flouroscence, Brightfield, Phase Contrast, dark ground

4X NA 0.10,

10X N.A 0.30, PH 1,

20X N.A 0.45, PH 2,

40X N.A 0.75, PH 2, with SL

100x 1.30, PH 3 (oil) SL

Observation Head: 30 degree siedentopf 360 dehgee rotatable observation tube with F.O.V. 23 mm and three way distribution & diopter adjustable (IPD 48-75MM) Anti-fungal, Antireflection.
Nose-piece: Quintuple (5position)/Sextuple (6-positions) revolving click stop nosepiece with a slot for analyzer, polarizer and DIC slider
Eyepieces: 10X magnification, with diopter adjustment facility in both eyepieces with Field of view. 23mm anti-fungal coated.
Mechanical Stage: Rust free Mechanical Rectangular , stage size 210mm X140mm. X/Y travel range 90mm X 70mm with upper limit stopper,hard ceramic surface dual slide holder.feature to reduce damage of slide and mechanical depreciation of the stage
Division: 0.1mm Low drive right side movement controls.


Condenser: Five position Universal condenser NA 0.90 for brightfield, and phase contrast &darkfield microscopy, Iris diaphragm with Frosted white filter, antifungal & antireflection coated. Rack and pinion movements on stainless steel guides.
Focusing Control: Two step Co-axial coarse and fine focusing on

on both sides, gear systems for smooth operation. Fine adjustment

0.2mm/rotation and Focus stop adjustment and upper limit stopper.

Transmitted Illumination: 5 watt Constant color temperature LED Transmitted light with life span of more than 60,000 hrs Universal input 110V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz (with battery backup-optional)
Fluorescent Filters: (Optional)


Fluorescent Illumination:

system with 6 position reflector turret, DAPI / FITC / TRITC / CY5 capable of capturing any dye.

Fluorescence Imaging functions: LED based illumination with LED light(s) life time of 60,000 hours with intensity controller.

Observations: Phase Contrast, Bright field ,dark field and polariser (FL)
Accessories: filter holder fixed in the condenser, dust cover, cleaning cloth, 100x oil, One set of polarizer and analyser, power cable, styrofoam casing, User Manual onsite upgradable to Fluorescence with 6-positions filter turret; stepwise motorisation like motorised6-position DIC nosepiece, motorised 7-position universal condenser, motorised 6-positon fluorescence turret, motorised stage and DIC (Differential Interference Contrast).
Quality Certificates: ISO, EU-CE, USFDA, ISI, NSIC MSME, SSI, Udhyam