Main objectives: 1X, 1.4X, 0.5X

Illumination: LED ring lamp , intensity adjustable

Accessories: 1.5m USB cable; 5m HDMI cable




Body IPS10 inch Touch-screen, -5~15 degree adjustable.

Zoom lens 0.7X~5X; built-in camera with HDR image, OSD manual, 1/3″ COMS, 4.0 mega pixels, 16G memory; HDMI/ USB2.0/Mini USB output; support for SD card/wireless keyboard and mouse.

Main objectives 1X main objective, WD=105mm

1.4X main objective, WD=100mm

0.5X main objective, WD=170mm

Illumination LED ring lamp with 56 bulbs, intensity adjustable, color temperature 5000-5500K

LED ring lamp with two circles, intensity separately adjustable, color temperature 5000-5500K

Base Big plan base, lifting range 225mm
Accessories 1.5m USB cable; 5m HDMI cable