SZB-45L Stereo Zoom Microscope


Objective range of zoom magnification: 0.7x-4.5x(Ratio)

Eye Piece: 10x/20mm Eyepieces.




» Stereo Zoom microscope supply up-right and sharp image with high resolution.
» It is widely used in electronic industry, educational demonstration and agricultural research for micro-object observation, inspection and measurement.
» Offering crisp sharp and high resolution image.

SPECIFICATIONS of Stereo Zoom Microscopes :

» Objective range of zoom magnification: 0.7x-4.5x(Ratio)
» 10x/20mm Eyepieces. Field is extra wide and clear.
» The binocular eyepiece tubes is inclined at 30 degree and can be rotated 360 degree. the adjustment range of interpupilary distance: 53-75mm, the diopter of eyepiece can be adjusted.
» LED illumination on both incident & base light.
» Anti mildew is installed in binocular to extend the life of microscope.
» All optics are Antifungal Treated

Optional Accessories

» SWF 15X or SWF 20x Eyepiece Paired.
» 2x or 0.5x Auxillary Objectives.
» Trinocular Head
» Digital Camera with adopter
» Dark field with Tweezer