Optical System: High-quality optical system
Eyepieces: Anti-fungal and Anti-reflection hard-coated eye-pieces
Objectives: QUAO JIS Achromatic 10x, 40x, 100x
Mechanical Stage: Double plate stage size 120X120mm
Illumination: Plano-Concave mirror OR LED sub-stage




Optical System: High-quality optical system
Stand: Aluminum die-cast stand with a heavy base for enhanced stability
Observation Head: Mechanical tube length 160mm fitted with 90° inclined observation tube for comfortable and convenient observation
Eyepieces: Huygenian 15x, 10x, Anti-fungal and Anti-reflection hard coated
Nosepiece: Triple revolving nosepiece with positive centering & click stops
Objectives: QUAO series high-contrast flat field JIS Achromatic objectives, 10x , 40x (spring loaded) , 100x ( spring loaded, oil ) , Anti-fungal & Anti-reflection hard coated
Mechanical Stage:  Double plate stage size 120X120mm, X/Y travel range 80mm x 55mm. Low drive right-hand movement controls. Hard coated surface for scratch resistance. Double specimen holder clip.
Condenser: Sub-stage Abbe condenser NA 1.25 with iris diaphragm
Illumination: Plano-Concave mirror diameter 50mm mounted on gimble mount OR with 1w LED sub-stage lamp running on 2AA batteries
Filter: Blue
Carrying case: Styrofoam Packing supplied with manual, cleaning cloth  & dust cover
Optional Accessories: Wooden carrying case, Hygenian eye-piece 5X, 10X, 15X, Pointers & Micrometer reticules, Quadruple nose-piece, Application-specific objectives, and eye-pieces, High Performances USB cameras and Wired LED sub-stage