Binocular Microscope  QE-128


Eyepiece: Wide Field eyepiece WF 10x, FOV 18mm

Objective: QVST Series PLAN DIN Objective

Mechanical Stage: Graduated Mechanical rectangular stage



Binocular Clinical Microscope ISI Marked


Stand: Binocular microscopes suitable for research and educational purpose. with hand rest for comfort  during long hours of use. microscope with Light Intensity Management (LIM) feature included.
provision for upgradation for 3/4/6 fluorescent attachment, DIC, OIL DF condenser, QBC System Built-in fly-eye lens, All optical parts including objectives, eye pieces and prisms anti-reflective anti fungal coated for maximum light throughput All metallic parts are corrosion-proof, acid proof Encoded Objective to detect automatically which objective is currently in use. LCD screen at the front of the microscope base for the user to visualize the magnification and light intensity settings of the microscope.  Single mould Die cast sturdy stand with anti-rust materials with textured paint.

Observation Head: Binocular/ Trinocular three way distribution Compensation, Siedentopf design headwith variable viewing angle 30° rotatable through 360° I.P.D of 54-75mm and
Dioptric adjustment on both sides. with F.O.V 22 mm.

Certifications: European CE/ ISO/ICe/USFDA/BIS


Optical system: Infinity optical system Lead free optical glass and anti fungus coated.
Eyepiece: : Wide Field Plan 10x eye-piece with 22mm F.O.V, with eye guards


Nosepiece: fully Parfocal reversed encoded Quintuple light tracer.nosepiece rubber gripring revolving nose-piece mechanism with multiple ball bearing type with proper click stops LCD screen on the front of the microscope can display the use status of the microscope, including magnification, light intensity, standby status, etc. (within main body) Objectives inward tilted) for Bright Field.
Objective: Plan Achromat infinity corrected encoded objectives 4x (N.A. 0.1, W.D. 30mm),
10x (N.A. 0.25,W.D. 7mm),
40x (SL, N.A. 0.65, W.D. 0.65mm) and
100x (SL, Oil, N.A. 1.25, W.D. 0.23mm) tropicalized antifungal, antireflection coated, PAR-CENTERED & PARFOCAL
Mechanical Stage:  ceramic coated Double plate graduated rectangular reckless mechanical stage size 150mm(W) X139 mm(D). X/Y travel range 76mm X 52mm. with Vernier calibrations
Division: 0.1mm Low drive movement controls. (XY direction)
Right hand control Hard Coated surface for scratch resistance.Dual specimen
holder clip with stage lock option ,resistant against routine usage abrasion and chemicals. 
Focusing Movement:  Co-axial coarse and fine focusing on ball drive systems for smooth operation. Fine adjustment
0.1mm/rotation with tension control ring. Ergonomically
designed for easy grip, coarse motion torQue adjusment. Focusing either sides with stage lock in left side, Focusing stroke Up 2 mm/Down 13 mm, coarse: 37.7 mm per rotation
reading: 2 µm and rack-stop for protection of slides and objectives
Condenser: Sub stageAbbe condenser NA 1.25 with aspheric lens. Aperture diaphragm with position guide marking for respective Objective, vertically movable and centerable antifungal &
antireflection coated. Up to two 45 mm diameter filters can be installed
Light Source:  Transmitted High luminescent white LED 3 Watts Eco illumination with Kohler LED diascopic illumination automatic adjustment of intensity while switching the objectives Life time of 60000 hrs of LED. 


Electrical: Universal input 100V – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz. ON/OFF Switch & proper fuse holder
Supplied with:  User manual, Vinyl Dust cover, Cleaning cloth, power cord and wooden box/cabinet
Standard Accessories:  Packed in Moulded Styrofoam Box, with Operation Manual, Cleaning kit, 100x Oil,One anti-static cleaning brush
Cloth and power cordX2, and vinyl + polyester Dust Cover one spare fuses x 6, cleaning solution. 

Ambient temperature of 0 -50 degree C and relative humidity of 15-9 0%.%